Mobile Car Engine Detailing In Concord, CA

Car’s engine is one of the most important parts of the car. It is also one of the dirtiest spot in the car.

Over time the car engine got covered in oil, grime, stains, dirt, etc.

This not only makes engine look bad, but also decrease its performance.

Mobile car engine detailing is a great way to keep your car’s engine looking and running its best.

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Why car engine detailing?

Engine is the heart of the car. If the heart will be unwell, the body will not work properly. Detailing car engine is very important for car owners.

Not only you will save yourself from constant visits to mechanic but regular detailing of car engine will improve its life. Also from selling point of view, having a healthy engine is no brainer.

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How we do mobile car engine detailing?

In car engine detailing the exterior part of engine and the compartment is cleaned and detailed.

1. Covering sensitive areas

Before starting the engine detailing firstly we cover all the sensitive areas of the engine like spark plug, sensors, electrical wiring, etc.

2. Removing unwanted materials

Car engine attracts so many things from underneath while moving. These are debris, stones, etc.

In this step, we look for all such things in the engine and remove them.

3. Degreasing

After removing debris and other materials we move our attention to the collected oil and grease on the engine and nearby areas.

We gently remove it with the help of degreasing agents.

4. Water spray and dry

After degreasing we apply a light touchless car wash water spray on the engine and let it dry.

Car engine detailing is a part of mobile detailing Concord, CA.