Mobile Car Trunk Detailing Concord, CA

Your car’s trunk is one of the most used part of the whole vehicle. It is used to store things while travelling.

Over time, this can cause the trunk to become dirty, cluttered , and even smelly.

Detailing it at regular intervals can be a good option to prevent such problems.

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Why car trunk detailing?

The trunk of the car is a very important part of the whole car. It is the place which is used for storing our things while we are on move.

We use car trunk to store different types of things. These are storing luggage, grocery items, tools and equipment, and any other thing you can think of.

Being a storage area it constantly get dirty from inside. Wear and tear is also very common. Foul smells can also come.

If you are encountering such problems in your car trunk, its time to detail it.

Maintaining a clean and detailed car trunk is very important for your four wheeler.

It will not only remove all the mess, dirt , and smells from the car trunk interior but will also make it a hygienic place for storing things.

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How we detail car trunk?

There are various steps which we perform for mobile detailing a car’s trunk. Below you will find all the steps we perform on the car’s trunk to make it neat and clean.

mobile car trunk detailing in concord ca

1. Vacuuming

The first step we perform on a car trunk is vacuuming all the interior of the trunk. This includes vacuuming the mats, upholstery.

2. Steam cleaning

Next in the process we take help of a steam cleaner to remove stains from the carpet.

3. Brushing

Lastly we check for the dirt which may be hiding behind the gap of car trunk door and upper body. We use small brushes to clean the outer of the car trunk.

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